Fashion Advertising 4.0

Vantastec-founder Carsten Detzer in front of the Moodboard which is placed at the Neue Materialen Bayreuth GmbH.

Promotion campaigns with thin and tall models should inspire us to buy the new collections of HM or other labels. But how do these pieces of clothing really suit you and how do they look like in a different position? Carsten Detzer from Bayreuth is aiming at making fashion advertising more effective.

Detzer got his business idea during his vacations in the USA: He met a New Yorker entrepreneur in a mansion in San Diego. This man told him about his innovative face recognition software for target-group-specific advertisement on displays. “Promotion for target groups is very useful in fashion industry”, claims Detzer. For example: Suits are just interesting for men and skirts are only for women. The skilled merchant came up with the idea to combine that new software with the Kinect, which tracks movements. So in 2014, Detzer gave up his advertising agency and started to work intensively on a business plan, which involves virtual dressing in a holistic concept.

Discounts by Facebook posts
Finally the Moodboard was created: A two meter high stele mirror with display on the front face. A camera ascertains group of age and sex of the person in front of the device. Infrared sensors of the Kinect detect the body shape. Users can move or change the shown piece of clothing. Furthermore, a QR-Code can be used for sharing your favorite outfits in social networks. In order to do this you would receive a discount at stores or online shops. The Moodboard detects clothes size with a maximum of one size Deviation. „It does not replace the fitting of the clothes. But I do not think there will ever be an equivalent replacement for that anyway”, says the 31-year-old. The combination of the modules RFID, Mac address, Logo Tracking and tracking of face recognition are patented.

In January 2015, Carsten Detzer moved from Bayreuth to Skopje. He hired four people in the Macedonian capital and together they worked on a first prototype until July 2015. His choice of location seems quite unnatural at first. But besides good weather, Macedonia also offers important human assets. “I sold webpage which were well produced in Macedonia at a reasonable price. And I am a Unicorn as a German entrepreneur. Here, it is more difficult to find good software developer”, Detzer explains.

6.4 Million Euros required
Vantastec Systems (founded 2015) follows the top-down strategy: The Moodboards will be placed in malls and Vantastec will sell target group fields at a thousand-contact price. For Zara for example it is possible book the field “young women with small size” for one month. If a young lady with this size stands in front of such a device, she will see herself with Zara-clothes and will be informed about the next Zara store.

Now the team of Vantastec raises venture capital. The seed investment requires 6.4 million Euro, but only two million are still needed. With this money they would build 1000 devices, transport them to malls and rent open spaces there. Detzer has a vision: “Devices like our Moodboard are going to be commonplace in the areas of metro stations etc.. People wear clothes with RFID-Chips so that they see individualized advertisement in front of the devices.” So if a typical business lady stands in front of the device, she won´t receive advertisement for street style outfits. Detzer considers stationary retail to be a “world of experience” in the future, but the meets of purchase will keep alternating in his opinion.

Here is a short video about the function of the Moodboard.



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